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PaneHestia is an artisan offering traditional bread and cakes with a great company history. Our main focus is to provide the best quality and all our products are made with noble natural ingredients.

PaneHestia is located in the heart of Ondres. This is a small village situated in the very south west of France, on the Atlantic coast.
The country road RN 10 is running through the village, starting in Spain (1 hour south of Ondres) and continues to Bordeaux. (1,5 hour north of Ondres.) land of rugby and French traditional cooking.

The area offer a large range of farmers with exceptional fruits, vegetables and ducks, speciality of the area with the sea food.
The south west of France, from Bordeaux to the French border in the south and all the way to Toulouse is very well known for the quality of food, wine and the art of life around tradition, rugby, surf and family.

The house in Ondres where PaneHestia is based is from the 1940s and there has always been a bakery.

This gives the shop great atmosphere.
It’s a pleasant feeling knowing that the history goes far back. PaneHestia started here in 2005.

We made big renovations to update the bakery department to follow rules and regulations of a modern bakery.
The shop space was also thoroughly redecorated, to set the touch and feel of PaneHestia. We recently finished renewing the shop interior in order to continue offering our clients a modern and charming space for our noble products.


There is a second PaneHestia shop in the neighboring village called Tarnos.

We use traditional recipes when baking our bread and pastries.
To be able to bake the best bread and pastry, we use natural noble ingredients with very high quality.  We choose our ingredients such as fruit, flour etc very well.

We use organic products, no use of any preservative or artificial additives in taste or color.

If we ever need to create bright colors, we find ways of using other food to achieve this. In fact, all you need to do is to step outside in the garden and use your imagination to find the colors in the nature.

There are so many possibilities presented to us there.

This is part of our philosophy and the only way to achieve the high standard of traditional French and Basque bread and pastry.

We are certified by Ecocert, a French organization specialized in certifying companies that use products coming from organic farming.
They come all the year to audit us and make sure that we follow the certification guidelines.