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Water, salt, flour, yeast or sourdough together with our knowledge of how to make gourmand bread.

To have the knowledge of artisanal bakery and use a classic high quality flour or Bio.
We follow the rules and add only the necessary quantity of salt.

As we are an artisanal bakery, we knead, we mould, we grow all our bread in our bakery every day.

We take our time to do it well.

The traditional French baguette is a bread baked with a high qualitative flour for professionals, under a charter dated 1993 and this is used only by artisanal bakery.

logo-ABWe are one of the few artisanal bakeries who also have a certificate for bio bread.



You will find it under the name Grand siècle, with a soft inside and that perfect crunchy surface.
It’s in the same way you find the bio bread made by a sourdough with honey.

Find our specialities for each season as well, christmas bread, gorgonzola cheese bread, chocolates, figs, cereal bio bread, honey bio bread…and more.